Frequently Asked


Custom Wedding Gowns

How much does it cost to have a custom wedding gown made?

Custom wedding gowns cost anywhere from $1250-$2500 depending on the level of detail in your design. Please keep in mind that we are unable to give you an accurate estimate until we see what you are looking for. Schedule a consultation and lets talk about it! 


Do you provide fabric for custom wedding gowns?

No, we do not provide the fabric for custom wedding gowns, however we can work with you on what type of fabric and materials you should purchase and can recommend Portland area fabric retailers for you to check out. We can also sometimes order fabric and materials for you at an additional cost. Its not as overwhelming as it sounds!


How much time do I need to get a custom wedding gown made?

Custom wedding gowns are a fantastic alternative to ordering a wedding gown. Typically from consultation to final fitting a custom wedding gown takes 6 months, and they fit right the first time! We only do custom wedding gowns in the fall and winter for summer weddings. If your wedding is in the summer, contact us 6 months or more in advance. 


Do I have to pay for additional fittings?

No, the fittings are all included in the cost of the dress. Whether it takes 3 fittings or 5 your dress will be perfect. 

Bridal Alterations


Do I really need to get my dress altered?

No, but its incredibly rare for a dress to fit perfectly straight from the manufacturer, 98% of brides have to get their dress altered. 


What are the most common alterations?

The most common alterations on bridal gowns are a hem and a bustle. A large majority of them also need the sides taken in or let out a bit to make them fit comfortably. 


How much do alterations cost?

The cost of bridal gown alterations depends on the level of detail in the dress. We are unable to give an accurate quote on the cost of alterations until we see the dress on you, but here are some general guidelines on the more common alterations: 

  • Hem $150-225

  • Bustle $15-20 per point (usually a min of 3)

  • Sides $75-100

Take a look at my full price sheet here.


Do I really need a bustle?

Yes! if you want to dance, or even take a step backwards while wearing your wedding dress. Believe us when we say, you will be thankful you have one when your favorite song comes on.


Is it possible for you to add sleeves to a strapless dress?

Absolutely. Everything from straps to full length sleeves can be added to a wedding gown. Bring your thoughts and photos of what you like to your first fitting and we can make your ideas a reality.


What other custom alterations do you do?

We can add a corset back to a dress that doesn't have it, or even change the neckline from straight to sweetheart. Contact us to chat about what specifically you are looking for. We’ve never met a dress we couldn't make perfect. 


What do I need to know for my first fitting?

Bring your shoes! We will measure the hem at your first fitting so its important for you to have the shoes you are planning on wearing so the hem is the right length. If you are having custom work done, bring pictures and ideas of what you are looking for.


Do you require a deposit at my first fitting?

No, We don't require a deposit at the first fitting. After taking a look at your dress and chatting with you about your alterations, We will give you a grand total so you know what to expect before the alterations are completed. 


What kind of undergarments do I need for my dress?

Many brides can get away with wearing no bra under their dress. Bridal gowns are structured enough most of the time to allow this. We also have bra cups that we can sew into the interior of the dress for a little bit of lift if desired. No bra or uncomfortable corset needed.  If your cup size is larger than a DD however, a corset may be necessary.


Bridesmaid Alterations

How far in advance do I need to come in for alterations on my bridesmaid dress?

We usually need at least 3-4 weeks to complete bridesmaid alterations depending on the season. 


How much do bridesmaids alterations cost?

As with all custom work, it totally depends on the work that needs to be done. Common alterations are a hem and taking in the sides, and averages around $75-$90 for both. 


My bridesmaid dress is too small, can it be made bigger?

It depends on the designer. Some leave enough fabric in the seams for dresses to be let out 1-2" others don't. If your dress can't be let out on the sides, a lot of times a lace-up back can be added instead. Lace-up backs typically cost $80, and fabric the correct color must be provided.